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Hawaii's 1st Class DJs
Hawaii DJs do it better than Bands in 2016
Holiday Season in Full Swing
Holiday Parties Wow Factor for all.
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Honolulu Mobile Disc Jockeys

Hawaii's 1st Class DJs

Aloha everyone glad to be back on top of the DJ biz once again. 1st Class DJs are once again cutting a path of excellence in the Hawaii DJ market. Here on Oahu we have launched a new service for our client's events. It's my pleasure to introduce Cyanne our Master Henna Tattoo Artist available for all events from Weddings to Birthday to Corporate Events.  She is one of the most talented Henna Tattoo artist in Hawaii and we are excited about adding her to our line up of professionals. In addition to our excellent staff of entertainers we are adding brand new lighting and sound system for your musical pleasure. 1st Class DJs won't stop until you are having the best time possible and love to see our clients happy with our efforts to please their guest.  As always we have great package deals so your event won't break your pocket. Call today to book your next event and see the difference 1st Class events makes compared to any other DJ company. !st Class DJs set the standard and keeps the bar high so you can brag to your friend and family I hired the best and the night was PERFECT!

Holiday Season in Full Swing

Aloha Everyone,

It's me DJ the DJ here to wish you all a great holiday season and to tell you guys about the specials 1st Class Entertainment is offering this holiday season. So one stop shopping is the key to saving for your holiday event. 1st Class has several packages but the biggest and best saving is the Diamond Package. For a one time payment you can get everything you need soup to nuts for your event. That's right go to the website to get the details or call (808) 282-9766 to get all the particulars from one of our booking agents.

Holiday Parties Wow Factor for all.

Aloha Everyone,

It's been awhile since I last posted sorry for that but I was promoted  so I had my own shows to run and time was not on my side. But I'm back with great news 1st Class has done it again the WOW FACTOR packages were so popular that my bosses decided to put them on special for the holiday season. Yes that's right every client who books a holiday event can get the added WOW FACTOR simply by asking for 50% off. That's huge in case you don't know you gotta ask it is some of the hottest mobile DJ systems in the Islands of Hawaii. Jaw dropping visiual effects and mind blowing sound combined to blow your guest away. Listen guys 1st Class DJs are the best of the best already, but with the WOW FACTOR added your party will be a big hit start to finish. You heard it here from DJ the DJ hope I get to see you over the holiday season. Oh well that's it for now I will post again real soon so watch for it. 1st Class has a new surprise for 2015 I'm told it's a game changer. If I know Reggie G it will be all that and more. 1st Class constantly redesigns it's shows every season to keep it fresh for our repeat clients. But I heard this will be the hottest thing 1st Class has done in over a decade so I'm totally siked. So keep on jamming everyone and have a great holiday season. 

Dj the DJ 1st Class Entertainment DJ Division

Hey Everybody ,

Wow have I got some hot news for you guys this week. 1st Class DJs are hands down the best DJ company on Oahu. Shoot maybe even in Hawaii now I say that without going on everyone's show yet.  Now I had the pleasure of going out on MC Love's events this weekend last week I was supposed to meet Phyre & Yce but there was a change in plan so I will be going out on there shows soon I hope. Anyway MC Love is one of 1st Class's performance DJs she is hottttt I mean super hot she's a model slash DJ and MC.

Dj the DJ on srhow with 1st Class DJ's DJ Dropz

Aloha Everyone,

This weekend I had the pleasure of hanging with super talented DJ Dropz of 1st Class Entertainment.  Now this was all I heard it would be and he truly lived up to his reputation. The ladies really love this guy and some. Our stage was packed with request after request from all the young ladies at our shows this weekend. At first I wasn't quite sure what it was all about but after some of the girls didn't have musical request or show related questions I realized these girls were on the make.

DJ the DJ on 1st Class Summer Events

Aloha from DJ the DJ,

Hey how's it going Hawaii this weekend I got a real treat I got to watch DJ Reggie G. one of 1st Class's Master DJs on his shows this weekend.  All I can say is WOW dam he is so good.  He is a truly a master of his craft in all aspects. He performed at three different types of events this weekend and all his events were a big hit ending with a packed dance floor and the crowd begging for more literally.  At first I thought that they were saying don't go don't go.

1st Class Entertainment DJ the DJ on the WOW FACTOR

Aloha everyone it's me DJ the DJ here to let you know 1st Class DJs have some of the best DJ packages available just in time for summer.  I hope everyone had fun at the High School Block party this weekend.  It was a blast and 1st Class has some continued fun for all.  You got to check out our DJ WOW FACTOR PACKAGES these DJ shows are the most exciting DJ set ups in Hawaii, and designed to please and energize your guest.  1st Class DJs added new Pioneer Digital systems this year to hype the DJ performance level way over the top.

DJ the DJ new 1st Class Blog Master

1st Class Entertainment DJs are hands down the hottest DJs in Hawaii. Aloha everyone I'm DJ the DJ and I'm new to the 1st Class line up. I have seen some really hot DJs all across the country from New York to L.A. but nowhere near the level 1st Class puts out. Because I'm new to the company I had to go to all the 1st Class DJs show and I was blown away. I could go on and on about this but let me tell you why I'm writing this blog. I was talking to Reggie G. one of the top dogs here who buy the way is one of the smartest DJs in the industry.

Graduation Specials

Aloha Graduates
Congratulations to all Hawaii's awesome Class of 2013. To help you celebrate a great start into the next phase of life we are designing some really great DJ & MC specials for your parties this summer.  All of our packages in our DJ Line up have been reduced just for Grad season.  With some even hotter discounts for our Prom Clients just mention which prom you attended that we performed at and receive the special prom grad special.  Get on our mailing list and receive even better deals on many more of our great services.

Project Grad DJ & FUN Packages

Project Grad is almost here and we have the hottest systems ready for our summer line up. Yes 1st Class Entertainment has another 1st our new Video 3D systems will blow you and your guest away.  Also to the line up new WOW FACTOR LIGHT SHOWS.  We will not be beat our systems are simply awesome.  Super Brite Video Projector, Quick Instant Video Screens that setup in seconds. Yes I said second our new Instant Image Video Screens setup in less than 30 seconds. Because time is money we wanted to trim our setup & breakdown time for our larger shows which help to keep our cost down for your our loyal clients.