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Hawaii DJ

Hawaii's DJ industry is always re-inventing itself. Theres the under paid night club DJ works 3 to 5 nights a week if he or she is lucky in the same club. In most cases they have to work in two or three night clubs to make a living. Nights Clubs give very little value to our industry they are not in line with the salaries of Big Night Clubs in the Mainland or in Resort Locations across the world. Where the DJ is respected and earns a very fair wage commensurate with the success of the Night Club. The DJ is responsible for the success of many of the night clubs here yet I hear it from nearly all my Club DJ friends the owners don't pay well or just don't respect them. Some say they give less than $200.00 a night. Yeah thats what I recently heard from one my Night Club DJ friends I was not shocked cause this has been going on for years.  Then theres our celebrity DJs a little more job security.  They usually gain fame from the radio broadcasting jobs and perpetuate their success into a string of special engagements. We love our celebrities here in Hawaii and that love usually gives them a golden road for success in the DJ industry. Which explains why so many intern at the radio stations, to get the chance at becoming a Broadcasting DJ. 
Then theres the hobbyist DJ kinda like the weekend warriors of our industry driven by love of the DJ game and extra income. This group of DJs has my respect because most are just trying to make extra cash to cover their life expenses or just to supplement their income. Now there are a few that do it just for the love of the craft although rare these DJs are a special breed some have all the money they need and just take great pleasure from spinning.  In most cases for friends and family.  A couple good friends of mine are wealthy DJ hobbyist I give them events and they refuse to except money for it. They both own million dollar businesses and simply love to DJ.  Finally in the hobbyist DJ category is Status DJ this group loves to be loved and enjoys the power of the DJ world. Weather it's to get dates or help out their buddies in the club scene or production DJs on their shows.  They have access to women, fun, and great social interaction. This is commonly the motivating factor of the Status DJ. 
Now we come to the work horses of our industry the Mobile Production DJ, my favorite DJ class by far. This group although without all the fame is the best in the industry.  Although there are the full timers and part timers in this segment of the DJ industry both have earned my respect and should be held in high regards for the great service they all supply. First is the part time Mobile DJ a true hustler of the game because without direction and sometimes training these DJs train themselves in most cases. You gotta love a self made professional big props goes out to this segment of our industry.  It nice to always help out these DJs cause most of them are truly hard workers.  Full time Mobile DJs very competitive in most cases always struggling to get the edge on their competitors. The Hawaii public is the winner in this competition because the by product is all the DJ companies pushing each other to be better than their competition. This makes for a better DJ industry product. While good competition is healthy we should never forget what we share in common. Our career in the Hawaii DJ market, we are Djs in the best place on earth and should remember the Aloha Spirit when dealing with each other.  I personally give away 5 to 6 gigs a month to struggling DJs that will represent me and themselves well.  I do this to share the wealth and show we are all brothers in the same industry so we should show respect for each other as we go on to serve Hawaii in this unique career field we have all chosen. 
The Full-time Mobile Production DJ in my opinion works twice as hard for twice as long he or she are their own Marketing, PR, Administration, Advertising and Management teams.  Work hours are sometimes endless. Figuring out what works and what doesn't is a weekly chore.  Meeting clients scheduling events and on site missions are never ending part of our business.  So pat yourself on the back because thats usually all the reward you will receive along with a check for services rendered and if you're lucky a tip. I say lucky because most clients don't tip. Even after a perfectly performed DJ service flawless from start to finish. You see we need to set the standard if we want rewards in our industry. Waitresses get 15-20% some places it's mandatory why should we set that same industry standard. Again it our competitive nature we will never work together to set any standards because we are so divided. But maybe one day our goal will unite and as in many other states we will band together for our betterment as an industry.
I wish you all well in your search for success DJ Reggie G has left the building. Spin on Spin often and Spin Gold

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The hawaii dj I sre invented nights a week if he or she is lucky in the same club,cases they have to work in two or three night clubs. I have got more here with this 1stclassdjs808 blog about little value to our industry.
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